Feeling Together

Extraordinary times create extra ordinary feelings. Feelings of loss and grief flow through the rivers of veins within our souls.


We are grieving, a collective sigh of pain which ripples out and touches all of us. Grieving many losses.


Losses of human life, our normal lifestyle, our families, our friends, jobs, communities, places of worship, freedom of movement, security and safety. Collectively. Grieving.


I write this on Good Friday a normally somber day, this year with an added edge.


This feels to me like war time. However, the enemy is not human. It’s gone viral. Like our grief, like our fear, our mourning.


Grief is something culturally we are prompted to avoid. To get over it, move on and move forward. But the truth is we need to feel it, to acknowledge and let it move through us. The body is wise and resilient but the emotions must be felt in the body. The heart space Anahata the fourth Chakra is where we store the shadows of grief. Open up and let it pour out of you in whatever form emerges.


Shake, pound, cry, scream, run, lift, work, clean, practice, make love, sing, chant, pray, write, create ritual, burn, rinse, release.


There is ancient wisdom in the action of keening. It allows for release, a surrender to the grieving process which washes the soul clean and provides space for rebirth. Renewal.


For that is what we are laboring towards. A profound rebirth of a society. Forever changed and altered. Watered by the collective tears towards new growth.


So cry those tears, keen for what and who is lost. Let this sorrow wash through your body and soul.


It’s hauntingly beautiful, weaving us together by feeling together.