Greta W

Greta has been guiding others on their Yoga/meditation journey for several years here at The Cave. Holding safe space which allows room to grow is her passion. Greta enjoys working with young and old alike. Nurturing the soul by healing the body, mind spirit connection is all part of the practice. 
Greta offers Reiki energy work and classes which allow the body to rest, to stretch, to breathe. She also guides intuitive meditations and Yoga Nidra; the ultimate practice to find rest. Sound baths, chant, challenge, all a part of what Greta loves to offer. 

Deep connection to Spirit, community and the individual journey is so very important to Greta and how she serves at The Cave. 

230 hr Tantric lineage Devanadi School of Yoga Certified •  Meditation certified • Restorative Yoga levels 1&2 certified
Reiki Master certified

Sophia c


Sophia is a modern mover with a passion to explore internal/physical perception and experience. She has always been a mover with an extensive background in dance. She first stepped on a yoga mat over 10 years ago, after her first class she realized there was more than just the physicality of yoga – the mind, body, soul connection. Through consistency and diving head first into the world of yoga Sophia now teaches to those connections. As a teacher, her goal is to empower her students and encourage them to focus on the now and to “just be”. Her classes are powerful, playful, and devout. She emphasis anatomical adjustments as well as provides body knowledge to her students.

Sophia holds her Yoga Alliance RYT-200hr from The Kripalu School of Yoga and her Barre Certification from Synergence.

Meagan T


Meagan is a Registered Nurse and Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist.  She completed her massage training from the Minneapolis School of Massage and Bodywork in 2004 and has incorporated holistic modalities into her nursing practice for many years.  Meagan is a Reiki Usui Master and and holds a Master Degree in Law of Ethics and Compliance.  Serving others in their journey to wellbeing is her life’s passion.




Inspired by my own personal yoga practice, I am committed to helping others cultivate confidence & realize your own beauty & strength. I offer mindfulness-based classes that promote awareness of body, mind & spirit. I create intelligent & playful sequencing, empowering you to feel peaceful & at ease in your body as you step off your mat. I am honored to hold a space for you as you progress on your personal yoga journey. I am grateful that I have experienced the powerful benefits of yoga & am passionate about sharing that love & joy with others. 


Melissa is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) with Yoga Alliance & trained with Inner Fire Yoga Studio in Madison, Wisconsin. She is certified as a Karma Kids Yoga Instructor. She holds a Masters Degree in Elementary Education. Melissa taught for eight years as a classroom teacher in Chicago, Philadelphia & Rochester. Melissa taught for five years with the little om BIG OM team in Madison. She teaches vinyasa & power flow yoga classes in the Twin Cities area. When off of the mat, you can find Melissa seeking out travel adventures, reading good books, drinking wine & hanging out with family & friends, and exploring the beautiful local trails with her husband & three young children. 



Kacey is a dedicated to growth and wholeness. Her spiritual, emotional, and mental health and transformation has always been deeply rooted in physical movement, and she believes that the body serves as a gateway to the deeper places inside of us all. Kacey began practicing yoga over 20 years ago, and it has held her through every victory, challenge, obstacle, and lesson she has experience along the way. She has received deep transformation and support from the practice in her own life, and she finds tremendous joy in teaching and supporting that transformation to come alive within others.

Kacey is also a Life Coach who specializes in helping people BREAK THROUGH cycles that prevent them from living WHOLE, and she uses ancient Yogic philosophies with her clients as tools for transformation. She is a sixth-generation Colorado native who recently traded the mountains for lake life and she lives in Mound with her partner on Dutch Lake. One of her favorite things to do is ride her 1976 vintage tandmen bike with her man (when its warm enough!) She also loves being on her yoga mat, spending time outdoors, reading in the bathtub, and enjoying her family every chance she gets. Kacey is dedicated to being, sharing, and growing the light.


Noelle M


I am dedicated to fostering compassion, ease, and joy for both myself and my clients through the practices of yoga, intuitive guidance, and traditional Japanese Reiki.

As a fully insured RYT-500 certified yoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance, I prioritize integrating the 8 Limbs of Yoga into my daily life and teachings. I firmly believe that the work we do on our mats directly influences how we navigate the world beyond the confines of our practice space.



Erin started her yoga journey with a hot yoga class. She had tried a couple classes before, but that was the first class she came out of feeling like she had finally tapped into a place mentally that she had never been before. It was the catalyst to cultivating a deeper practice. She was hooked and branched into practicing more styles and expressions of yoga.
Eventually she took her power yoga teacher training from CorePower Yoga. She began teaching at a local community center and eventually added a Hot Yoga certification as well as a paddleboard yoga certification.
Erin loves, living and working right here in the Mound community. She is the mother of five beautiful children, spending her summers on the water, teaching SUP yoga.



Eliana is a Licensed Advanced Practice Esthetician, Certified Laser Technician, Certified Plasmapen Technician and lover of all things beauty. She specialized in eyebrow waxing and facial massage. Eliana has a passion for helping others in every aspect of life. When Eliana isn’t performing services you can find her creating art or relaxing with her dog. 

Kelly c


Kelly is a Licensed Massage Therapist, and graduate of The Massage School in St Paul, where she currently teaches. She uses massage as a means to comfortably assist people in centering the self back into the physical body.

Kelly has a deep background in many styles of yoga which she has studied, practed and taught. She finds restorative yoga to be the sweetest balm as it is accessible, relevant and beneficial for all bodies, in all stages of life.

As a curious person and perpetual student, Kelly loves to dip her toes into new things such as meditation, hypnosis, language studies, and travel anywhere and everywhere.


In loving memory...

Emily n


In 2020 an idea was formed between mother & daughters to create a space where everyone could feel beautiful inside and out. That idea transformed into reality and The Cave MN was born. Through lots of a love and hard work this little idea grew into something so much more. In 2021 Emily was diagnosed with a rare form of Sarcoma. Still one of her priorities was The Cave MN for she loved this place and the people within it. In September of 2023 Emily passed away peacefully surrounded by so much love. 

Through Greta & Sophia, her mom and sister respectively, The Cave MN lives on in her honor.