The Point of Power

During this time of isolation and uncertainty the work of the late Louise Hay has been calling me. In her little reference book “Heal your Body” Louise outlines how our thinking and belief systems affect our health.


She speaks of the point of power being in the present moment. How at any given time we can shift our thinking and the energy away from the negative to the positive. These shifts can produce powerful and miraculous results. Yes, I’m hoping, even during a pandemic.


Metaphysical causation; the power of words and thought to create experiences. Think about it. Collectively, globally at this present moment the amount of words and thoughts surrounding this crisis is staggering. And vastly negative.


In her book Louise describes a thought or belief system which can trigger every ailment. Although COVID-19 is not technically an influenza it behaves like one and causes respiratory distress in the form of pneumonia.


And it kills.


The belief system associated with the flu is: Response to mass negativity and beliefs, fear. Belief in statistics.


Yup, that’s what it says…fascinating and mind boggling.


Louise’s first edition of this book came out in 1975, well before the Corona Virus mutation. I am in no way suggesting a downplay of this disaster. I also do not believe we should bury our heads in the sand and ignore it, in any way. All the precautions and self-less acts of preservation towards the collective are vital. But, what if we began to change the stories we are telling ourselves?


What if we began powerfully in this present moment to shift the narrative?


To find in every way possible the positive within the negative? If we start to tell a different story and not engage so heartily in the mass negativity, could we create collective healing and a global miracle? Maybe, it might be worth a shot.


Just for fun, perhaps consider changing your thoughts and words around this frightening and seemingly uncontrollable situation. We cannot control it, but we can control our thought and words. As Louise says no one thinks in your mind but you, and the point of power is in the present moment.


Be well.