Looking Forward

And we sit. Sit, stand, walk, stay. Staaaaaaayyyyyyyy……


We are doing what’s right. We are sacrificing, surviving, eating, drinking,

loving, and living.


And we are suffering, and we are rejoicing and we are LIVING.


Maybe for the first time. We as a society have been stripped raw of all our layers. Held up to the light, transparent.


Clear as a bell and open. Open to all the fear, pain and searing fire of all our weight. The leaden weight of society, it’s here, and it’s crushing us.


 And it’s about time. For many, this time has been a long felt time coming, it was ordained. To evolve we must grow; the painful birth of change comes in a rush of blood and tears.


Change is forward thinking, a moving target, and so vital to making peace with this thing. If we can’t look forward to the change we can’t get past it.


We can’t move forward.


And move forward we must. We must stay present in order to be whole, but without the hope of forward thinking, we will plummet and crash.


Crashing is not an option. And my cards are saying it’s not even time. We are meant to rise from this. We are meant to move beyond better, more unified and healthier on every level.


So prepare, get ready, and draw on your creative resources each and every day to direct this energy towards that time. It’s coming and it needs your help, your unique gifts and intention towards change.


Know and feel how hard this is. Profound growth gouges wounds. Honor how this benefits the evolution of future generations, sense their coming power.


Let yourself indulge in all the behaviors this brings on. Seek awareness of balance, but do not attach to judgement. Let yourself BE and accept your human form as it is in this very human time.


Prepare your creative soul for what’s to come, look forward into this shift, and arrive in it ready and willing to change.


Look forward, stay in the safety and sanctity of the present moment, but allow for this need. This need to move on.


In hope, in love, with faith and a bit of excitement. Let that forward thinking shine some joy on the curiosity of what’s to come, while blessing what and who, was.