The More the Merrier

If new moons herald new beginnings…this one holds amazing significance. Exactly one year ago what were you doing?

Probably rushing around frantically trying to locate toilet paper and attempting not to touch…anything. All the while watching the emptying out of store shelves, feeling a deep sense of dread, to what would ultimately become our doom.

Surreal isn’t it? We could have never foretold what was to come. Or even imagined it. Yet come it did, & it’s still stalking us, not over yet.

The Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, year of ‘clear vision’ still holds us in its grip, and has turned a cold eye of reality on the worn fabric of our society. And it’s holes.

Clear vision indeed. And what exactly did this clearer vision reveal?

                                          —a whole lot—

Deeply imbedded systemic racism which has been a living reality to those who are victim of it. Only recognized once, and hopefully for all, to those of us who have perpetuated it and who hold the cards.

An insipid mistrust of the government, power structures, and of each other. A chasm of political and ideological divide. Hatred, intolerance, egocentrism, violence, bullying, cancel culture…

An authentic need for structural change.


The gaping well of lost rights has been dug deeper, the loss of life is staggering. This virus has taken more lives than WWI, WWII, and Viet Nam combined.

We now know the fragility of our dreams, businesses, communities. We can’t ignore the rampant anxiety, depression, suicide, substance abuse, domestic violence, & hate crimes. And…we have lost perhaps what is most vital to our well-being and survival as a species. Connection.

I hope this clearer vision revealed, without a doubt, our need for one another. In real time. Face to face, without barriers or distance. The reality of people needing people. When physically divided and ordered out of our communities we not only became separated we became separate.

This separation has increased our survival instincts to focus on mainly our own needs. To do what we had to do to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. But it has come with a price. We have lost some of ourselves by losing one another.

Humans flourish when there’s more; we are merrier. We are tribal in nature, pack-like we do not thrive in complete isolation or through a screen. We need to touch, to be in each others energy, to hear laughter and to see smiles. To yes, breathe together.

I hope more than anything else this last year has taught us this. I know I am not alone in dreaming of time together. Socially, spiritually,


Time to grow, and learn, and celebrate, being human. Together; feeling love and compassion for one another.

Face to face, skin to skin, the more the merrier.