Tipping Point

And the great world spins…can you feel it? We live on a planet which literally spins, a slow but sure reality. This movement mimics all the cycles of life. The non-linear aspects of existence; our circling lives and lots. The wheel goes round and round endlessly. At times we just want to stop the dizzy whirl of it all. 

Within the spin is multiple layers of energy and interaction more akin to a teeter totter. One side can get loaded up with so much intensity we reach a tipping point. We feel on the brink of a massive shift, or release, towards balance and positive change. Or chaos and destruction. 

It feels like that to me right now. So much movement. So many spinning plates in the air, so much heavy oppressive energy bogged down and stuck. It feels like somethings got to give, to break free, and away. To come up bright and shining for fresh air. 

Almost a year has passed since life as we knew it was thrown into utter and devastating chaos. A year of sacrifice, of suffering, and of profound waiting. Think of a teeter totter again. It’s as if one side, the side of misery and oppression, has been loaded up and settled in like the big bully on the playground. On the other side is the scrawny nerdy kid perched up high in the air helpless and frightened. 

We need the bully to get off. But gently, slowly with mindful ease. Not abruptly so our little brainy friend gets slammed down and sent to the nurse. 

That’s exactly how this thing is playing out. The vaccines are being slowly rolled out, there’s a new Principal with a new set of rules. We are still being taunted but the bully is beginning to move and balance will be restored. 

The tipping point. An exciting and frustrating place to be. How does this show up in your life? Can you sense you own personal tipping points? What do you need to do to call the bully off, to bring back balance?

Personally I am working towards careful discernment of when I can take action towards positive change and release my desire to get caught up in the spin. To not give the bully the satisfaction of taking all of me away. Suspending me up in the air helpless with dangling feet and my panties exposed. 

What clear and fair boundaries can I set and what can I give to restore balance? What intentions can I set to reconnect with what has been lost, while honoring what is meant to be. 

Because it’s up to the great world…it’s going to spin and we are at a tipping point.