Share the Love

Why is this so hard? To share the love…as woke souls we know this power, the importance of giving and sharing love.


But as human beings if we are honest with ourselves, it can be hard. To really and truly feel completely and purely happy for another human being, or conversely really and truly feel completely and purely empathetic.


Freud would say it’s the work of the ID. Yogic philosophy would point to the ego mind. Common vernacular calls it the human condition.


When stressed or fearful the lizard wakes from it’s deep slumber and lashes out. We react, we act selfishly or competitively, we shame, we blame, we are pissed off.


We see another human enjoying life, or receiving some sweetness, some Karma. Maybe they have a new love, or have received some form of abundance, monetary or otherwise. We feign happiness, or we react with sarcasm, and sometimes in spite of our ego we are actually happy for them. What the heck?


Why is this so hard?


Conversely, some of us bask in sympathy for others. Take on their energy as our own. Let it break our own souls boundaries and cause us harm. Or we empathize briefly and let it go. Arguably, a healthier response as we can’t take on all the woes of the world, but we can offer up loving support when we are asked.


So again, I ask…why is this so hard?


Long ago the native peoples practiced something known as a Give-Away or Pot-latch. In many tribal traditions a member would gladly give away all he or she owns, and do without, in order to help the Whole. This extended into a tradition where if a woman lost her mate to death her sister or relative would take her in and gladly share her spouse so she would not suffer.


In our present day condition we are taught to consume assets in order to get ahead. These assets are not always material, but connected to perceptions of status. Job, love life, personal accomplishments, awards, education. We are driven to achieve validation through personal gain.


But, there once was and still are, communities where no one wins unless the highest good for all is met.


Right now we need more of this. A deep and abiding recognition of the needs of the self and others in order to authentically sacrifice towards the good of the whole.


The trick is to do it without resentment, to sacrifice with pure joy, to love the happiness of others and support their sorrows. To serve.


This is hard for us but vital for the survival of the species. To evolve away from the grasping ego needs of the ID and to really, truly, share the love.