Healthy Patterns

It’s back to school and this time of year, always for me, heralds new beginnings. Energetically we have traveled through the heat and fire of summer, eclipse season and the super charged power of Leo’s energy.

We wade into the waters of Fall with quieter, detailed oriented, routine loving Virgo.

This time of year, brings back a sense of routine, schedules and patterns. Our attention becomes more focused on the rhythms of the day to day. Human beings thrive on patterns and routine, much in the same way animals do. If you have a dog watch their patterns, how they move through the day, when they expect to be walked, let out, fed, loved. We humans are much the same way. These healthy patterns we have cultivated throughout our lives are good for us. They bring the body a sense of security of ease. Instinctively our bodies become accustomed to these routines, when we feed ourselves, what we feed ourselves, when we sleep, exercise, rest. The patterns are vast and intricate and we each enjoy our own unique cocktail.

Think of one healthy pattern you engage in almost daily. Maybe it’s a cup of tea in the afternoon, or a morning prayer, ritual, meditation. Routines such as these are to be honored. They bring stability and support to both the physical body and the energetic body which engages our emotions and soul.

We might be tempted to think of this aspect of ourselves as dull or boring. We aspire to be exciting, fun and spontaneous. There is space for that, we can and should, step out of our comfort zones from time to time and shake up or redirect our patterns. Especially if they are unhealthy ones.

However, our healthy patterns are like an anchor for the body soothing to the nervous system. In a world where stressors are high and change is rapid, our healthy patterns lend stability to the day to day rhythm of our lives.