Commitment Issues

Where are you at on this? Are you someone who finds it easy to commit…or difficult?

Most of us fall into one category or another. Either we jump right in or we take our time with a great deal of discernment.

Perhaps we notice degrees of commitment depending on what we are being asked to commit too? Commitment to another person, to a project, a lifestyle choice, a group, a job, a stance, ourselves? There is a lot to commit too. Or not.

It may be easy to commit oneself to the big compelling stuff. Like our families or jobs, partners or friends. It can be harder to commit to an activity, a purchase, or a lifestyle choice. Why is that?

Arguably it could be because in today’s world we have to many choices. A vast array, a menu of tasty delights. Not to mention the messaging we receive around all this choice. The endless bombardment of information and ideals. Standards to live up to for self-help, improvement, health, beauty, style, pretty much every aspect of modern life.

So many opinions, so many tools, so much information! No wonder we can’t decide. It becomes hard to commit.

I see this in my business all the time. If something is offered by way of event or workshop people will be interested but often find it hard to commit until the very last minute. They have so many possibilities on any given day they wait. Cause something better is likely to come up and it often does.

Or we commit and then we cancel. Something else caught our attention. Got in the way. Maybe something important or maybe not. Either way we break our commitments. All the time.

I see it in the way we take care of ourselves. Percentages are smaller for those who have the discipline to commit to a daily practice or routine of any kind. Outside of what is demanded on a daily basis. And that is no wonder. We have a great deal of demands made of us, and it can be hard to find the time, outside of job and family.

But we do find time. We find time to scroll and post, eat and drink, watch videos, tv, binge…

We find time easily for the stuff that is easy. We can’t often find time for the stuff which is harder. Like a daily yoga practice, or exercise routine, meditation, prayer, community outreach, cleaning out the garage, paying our bills, calling the cable company. Even if some of that makes us feel good, and we know it, we often simply cannot make the commitment. It’s too hard and it feels like too much. So we shut down, we freeze, and we don’t commit.

How to strengthen our ability to commit? Find some clarity. Take the time to wade through all the choices and narrow down the ones which are the most important to your highest healing good and purpose. Be willing to release some of the noise which does not serve you. Separate the wheat from the chaff. Get crystal clear on what you desire to commit to and then take the plunge. Be willing to give it some time. Not just one and done. Practice. You might find the hidden treasures you seek.

You might commit to something which heals or stretches you to grow. Your commitment could reduce the suffering of others and may ease your own suffering as well. Cause seriously what are you waiting for? Only you know what is best for you, you have the power to discern distraction from discipline and commit.