Take Care of Each Other

“You take care now”….a phrase we often use in parting. Especially now with health and safety in the forefront of peoples minds. Taking care. We take care of a lot of things. Our homes, pets, bills, ourselves, families,  work, each other. It’s a lot of responsibility, taking care of all this stuff, requires a great deal of discipline and energy. 

Sometimes we just don’t want too. We want to run and hide from our responsibilities and all the taking care of demands. We want someone to take care of it all for us. Right?

That small vulnerable child within cries out for care, they don’t want to step up and do what is needed. They want what they want without effort or sacrifice. The small child within does not like to be uncomfortable. 

Many of us have been very comfortable for a long time. We have had many privileges. We have taken care of things to be sure. But much of what we have deemed important has been indulgent. 

Vacations, dining experiences, shopping sprees, incredibly lovely and comfortable homes, good schooling, and so so many indulgent services. We have become spoiled children. 

See if you can sit in the uncomfortable presence of that space for a moment. Feel if it rings true. 

Then think. Think about all the individuals and families world over who do not have such privileges so many indulgences. Uncomfortable…

Yes we give, yes we share, we donate our dollars and time but perhaps the Universe is showing us this is not enough. Perhaps the Universe is asking us to step up and share…really take care of each other.

Through sacrifice and by allowing systems which benefit the greater good. 

And by losing some of our indulgences and privileges. Covid has taken many many of these away. Maybe this is the energetic way of balancing the scales, Yin and Yang. But that makes no sense you say…all people, despite their station in life, have been affected by this thing. Corona does not discriminate. All too true. Especially when we look at how developed countries have cornered the market on the vast majority of the vaccines. Leaving under-developed countries to, well, die. Uncomfortable.

What we can do is this; we can recognize our privilege. We can own our indulgences and we can shift our attachments away from these things and in new directions. 

We may be slowly learning we can live without some of our desires. We can place more value on a walk in the woods with friends than a lavish dinner party. We can accept sharing what we deem as ‘mine’. We can create new systems to allow for this.  

We can loosen our selfish attachments to comfort and take care of each other. Physically and spiritually with compassion and an open heart full of love.