Writing this on a day of remembering, of honor towards those who have left this earth. A Memorial Day like no other I have ever experienced. Forced to isolate during our grief. Unable to connect with our pain.


This is hard. Not only are we remembering all who have gone before us but collectively we are fresh with grieving so many recently taken. So so many.


A gaping hole of energy; lives lost. These lives, these stories are not numbers they are beings of loving energy and light. Each one contributed in their own unique way. Each one felt, and loved, and cried and endured. Each life lost was someBODY.


A body which was conceived and born. A body which grew, got sick sometimes, felt weak or strong. A body with a mind, a heart, a soul.


I believe these souls are now free. Free from their earthly shackles shining and abundant in their true form. Infinite Light. Loving unconditional energy ripe for a new purpose, a new incarnation a new life.


Moksha or true freedom only comes through release, and the ultimate release is an end to the bodies life. To soar beyond mingling with Spirit, Source, and the Divine Love of our souls agreements.


But we can and should remember. Remember the energetic footprints left behind. How they shaped things, how they served. Who they loved and guided. What they made, created, what was their legacy in this lifetime?


And we should grieve. Grieve what and who was lost. A life’s spark of energy that was felt, that was loved.


So take a moment this week and grieve. Feel all and who has been lost. Let the enormous impact of this wave wash over and around you. Cleanse your embodied soul with tears. Allow for this cleansing and release.


It will be temporary, because as long as your soul inhabits a physical body, the pain and grief will rise again. Find comfort in knowing Moksha is coming true freedom is the right of every soul.


Remember, your soul knows this and is unafraid.