New Beginnings

Here we sit under the light of the final full moon of the year 2020…

Full Moons traditionally signify a wrap up. A rounding out of current conditions and energies before waning to darkness to begin again.

A new beginning. Not linear, cyclical. If this year has taught us nothing else we must acknowledge the infinite cycles of life. Beginning, middle, end…round and round she goes. Where she stops nobody knows…

And that’s the truth. Round and round everything in life goes and where it stops has been made very clear to us; nobody knows. This is not a negative viewpoint simply a real one. We have no control over the cycle the spiral and dance of life. We get into trouble when we think we do. Think back on the challenges of this past year, even on the difficulties humanity has endured historically. The seed of control is planted in pretty much all of them. Thinking we can shape our destiny or the destiny of others, this is where we almost always come up against trouble. 

We have deluded ourselves in infinite ways. We think we can create our future, control the outcomes, take charge and bend the will of the Universe and other people to our desires. But we cannot. We try awfully hard and the harder we try the more beat up we get. 

Look at the examples this year. Mask vs. no mask, travel, gatherings, dining out, restrictions, lock-downs, politics, riots, killings, loss, closures, fires, death…the litany of horror seemingly endless. Each challenge represents the viewpoint and desires of the individual. In a society where individualism is valued over almost everything else this has proven to create suffering. A great deal of suffering. 

Everything about the energy of 2021 and beyond points to a new beginning but moreover, a new way of being. Our rampant and collective desire to put the individual needs before the whole is not working. Everything pointing forward is demanding us to change this way of thinking and being. Yes our needs and desires are important but for all of us…not just me or you but everyone together. 

Together we can craft a new beginning, one which understands and respects the greater good for all of humanity. A new beginning which dances within the great spiral of life, embracing that cyclical dance, never ending, never beginning…nourishing and growing into something better and sustainable. For each individual and for the Earth herself. 

Blessings and new beginnings to all of you,