Let it Flow!

Flow. It’s really something we all can benefit from, maybe even something we all crave. To be in the flow, floating, carried, trusting the trajectory.

Our world, our very beings, are comprised of energy and one of the main truths of energy is its constant motion. It must flow. Everything is always in motion, so many moving parts, it can feel chaotic. But think about it like this; we, you and me, are just a spark of energetic light swirling in a galaxy of more sparks of energy than we can possibly comprehend. All of these sparks are moving, blinking, regenerating. Endlessly. When we try to control the movement, or dictate what to turn on or off, we create roadblocks. We reroute the flow. 

It’s really what humans are best at. Interrupting and trying to direct the flow. It’s how we create. Think about it. Whenever something is built, birthed, or invented, it shifts the flow. It changes something. It can bring forth a positive or negative change. There are belief systems which say whatever you put out energetically will come back to you three-fold. Maybe you can recall something either small and insignificant, or pretty substantial, you put out into the world which came back to you three-fold? 

Maybe its something unpleasant like you were selfish and mindless during college about the amount of noise you generated in your apartment. You cared little for the bother it brought to your neighbors. And now, you are subjected to a noisy neighbor of epic proportions. Or maybe it is something abundant and fine. You once offered roadside help to a stranger and time and time again you have found yourself stranded, or in need, and been the beneficiary of the kindness of strangers. 

These moments are part of the flow. How we are all connected and can move with effortlessness or struggle with chaos and confusion. Arguably the more positive love, kindness, abundance, compassion and care we put out the more we will receive. But to assume we can only offer these positive attributes into the flow would be unrealistic. We simply can’t, and don’t, and that is ok. We are emotional beings who are hard-wired to try to mold the world to suit our needs. We often struggle when we force ourselves into different shapes other than who or what we were meant to be. 

This week maybe take the time to discern just that. What is your souls dream? What were you brought here to create in this lifetime? If we can connect to this truth perhaps we can allow the flow to carry us with a little less effort and more ease. Perhaps this week take note of when there is confusion or confrontation and when there is flow. When things are easy, and see if  moments of ease are when you are aligned with your souls purpose. Your deepest heartfelt desires. And also, if these easier times feel like you are not resisting. Trying to loosen your grip on outcome just a bit. Simply trusting your dream and allowing the flow. 

It’s complicated. But we are complicated beings living in a complicated world. A world which is in constant motion, ever changing, shifting, and creating new shapes. Relax into the many waters, ride the waves and let it flow.