Be the Change

It feels like we have been getting ready for change for a long time now. I can think back to the last women’s circle I helped facilitate in March of 2020, right before the proverbial shit hit the fan. We had questioned circling at all, and indeed, our number shrank as the news raged all around us, but a small number of us came together.

We all spoke of how we were fearful of what was to come but everyone of us knew in our bones what was coming would herald a profound and needed change. At that moment we welcomed it. We were curious, and  connected, to the need for humanity to have a swift kick in the butt. 

Swift kick indeed. It feels like we were out of control toddlers who were selfishly grabbing for everything we wanted and as a result were put in a big ole time-out. There is still plenty of toddler behavior out there, as big as the time-out was, it did not teach the lesson to some. Because there is still resistance to intrinsic change we are still learning the lesson. Our social justice issues are finally under a long overdue spotlight, and many are fighting hard for, or against, justice. 

Then there is mother earth, her mistreatment showing up in destructive ways. Plus gun violence, mass shootings, children shot in their own backyards, corrupt systems, broken politics, wars, coups, hate, death and rage. 

As the virus loosens it grip in some parts of the world there is a wish to return to normal. Wanting fun, and freedom, and dinners out, smiles and hugs. But, if we rush into a return to ‘normal’, we can miss out on the energy needed for change. The selfish desire to grab at everything we want, to get back to before, could cost us dearly. If we forget, and do not honor all that has transpired, we risk starting at square one. 

Take a hard look at what this past year and a half has taught you. What were the lessons? What has changed for you personally? What do you hope changes collectively? How can you be the change you want to see in the world? These iconic words are powerful right now, at this moment in time. In a time ripe for change, how can you show up? How can you be?

Arguably, this has been for many some of the most challenging times of our lives, and the lessons have been huge. We have changed. Can we embrace it, and learn from it, remains to be seen. 

I still hold onto the feeling I shared with the other women who gathered in circle March of 2020. Something was coming which would shape the future, which was scary, and was going to be hard but oh, so very needed.