Awake Yet?

It’s the dawn of a new world and the alarm is sounding loud and long. It’s as if we the people are waking up from a long and deep sleep, on the heels of a nightmare.


In Yoga, mindfulness, spiritual circles we often refer to those on the Path as Awake, or Woke. A manner of saying someone is doing the work of self-awareness and growth. Many many people are awake…but all of us currently are being woke up.


With an ugly alarm of disease. Dis…Ease. Nothing about this is easy, nothing about it is making any of us feel good, no matter how awake you are.


Because even though many of us who fancy ourselves awake decided at the onset the world was about to shift or change; I don’t think any of us anticipated how much.


As we sit and wait through this time of stillness it is becoming more and more clear our world is to be drastically altered.


This, is perhaps more terrifying than the disease itself. This concept thrust upon us of social distancing is the antithesis of healthy human behaviors and interactions. We are animals, tribal and communal. We thrive in numbers, in groups, in community. Humans naturally flock together and the flock is being divided and isolated.


If one ascribes to the notion this Pandemic was brought to us for the purpose of evolution, for an elevation of the species…then to what end is it to separate us? Consciousness feels and knows the connection. Why is it being severed?


We are all in this together…a popular phrase out right now, is true. We are all in this together, and if you are awake you already knew this, but not everyone does…


Perhaps one of the evolutionary growth bits has to do with highlighting our inherent connection through separation. Perhaps, as we see greater separation both idealogical and physical, we will strengthen our bonds.


Trust and Faith drives Hope. As awake souls we welcome the Divine Light in and allow it to guide us. What Divinity is leading us towards must be profound or such drastic measures would not be underway.


No clear cut answers no matter how loudly we hear the alarm. Patience and surrender to the Unknown is our only recourse. Trust in the Light beyond our understanding our only path. The human species despite all it’s flaws is infinitely resilient and creative. Our drive to connect in real time innate and powerful. We will find our way.


We will wake up and grow, evolving and shining, in the Light.