And the Earth Rested

Here we sit. Ordered to remain in our homes in an unprecedented and historical turn of events…and meanwhile the earth rests.


Not only the earth, we are resting. For many maybe the first real pause in years, or ever. For that dear ones is what this is; a sacred enforced pause. I hold onto the idea this is not a coincidence. In fact, I believe there are no coincidences only synchronicities, and the Universe has orchestrated a doozy! This virus is a parasite and it is feeding on us. Not only by making people sick and killing thousands it is feeding on our worst reactions and fears.


During one of the more socially and politically acrimonious moments in history we as a society are forced to stand still and stop. Find the sacred pause and be. Reconnect to ourselves, our families, our bodies and homes, nature and the great web of collective energy.




This is our chance to live our practice. To slow down and really embrace mindfulness, connection, love. To actually live.


Live without the crunch of time. Live without control, without the confusion of distractions, without so much stuff. Already I’m finding myself wasting less, enjoying the little things more, unwinding and honoring what I often take for granted. Like other people, my loved ones, my home, food, the out of doors, my practice, music, ritual and prayer, laughter.


Challenging though this may be, frightening, and unknown, we get to live our practice and just be! What are you grateful for? Focus your energy on gratitude, and on the simple rituals of life. Savor, and stay present in this remarkable moment in time.


The earth, she knows what she is doing. She needed to disconnect from her children for awhile; we are seeing an increase in cleaner air, less pollution, less coal consumption, cleaner water, less waste, there is bound to be more benefits for the environment as this continues.


Time has slowed down, the construct of the calendar less important, the people are put on a sacred pause. Forced apart in order to reconnect with our inherent connection. When we return we will be refreshed and full of a greater awareness of what is really important. Of who we really are… meanwhile, the earth and all her creatures rest.