The Cave – Our Story

Welcome to The Cave – a newly reimagined and reborn space suited to fit the times! We are a family run and inspired wellness studio with a variety of safe options for your mind, body and spirit both inside and out.

Our family can’t wait to serve you and bring you into our community in person or virtually! Beauty is still with us – it’s all around us in the magic and majesty of the Earth and her many gifts. Let us help you nurture your intrinsic beauty while finding balance between strength and ease.

The gift of self-care

The Cave offers spa services in a lovely and luxurious space; with an exclusive line of all organic, plant-based local and hand-crafted facials from Romi Apothecary. This sublime line heals your skin without harsh chemicals or toxins. We also offer waxing services and eyelash extensions with our lovely esthetician Emily.

We are also a Yoga Studio with a comprehensive line of classes meant to meet the needs of all bodies. Inclusive, mindful, intimate, we focus on you. Classes offered safely in studio and online virtually through Zoom. From fast-paced flow to meditation and restorative classes we pride ourselves on creative yet traditional practices meant to touch your heart and soul.

And best of all, our Yoga studio offers Dry Salt Therapy as a part of your practice! We “Salt” our classes using a therapeutic system known as Halotherapy. A dry aerosol of salt particles are infused into the air during class to aid in immune function and respiratory health. Salt is anti-microbial and cleans the air; this therapy also allows for deep relaxation and a boost to your happy hormones! The studio is available for personal Salt Therapy sessions to simply relax in the Salt air on weekends.

Reiki Energy work and Thai Bodywork available as well – the ultimate in Self-Care. We love small groups and privates! We strive to adapt to meet your needs…just ask! Come be a part of our family and find your family.